Title: What are the possible implications of Artificial Intelligence rivalling that of a human intelligence Sources of information: Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot Article on the Turing test Ex_Machina I, Robot the movie Notes: Definition of Artificial Intelligence in this conversation is a man made computer system able to perform […]

Carol Ann Duffy is supporting the rejection of the government’s proposal to prevent prisoners from having parcels sent to them whilst in prison. Carol Ann Duffy is against the new policy as it will stop prisoners from gaining access to reading material which she believes is important as she states it is “the soul of […]

George Orwell presents his views on the inhabitants of the town by using descriptive language. “windows were flung open on every side and half the street joined the quarrel”. Using the word quarrel to portray the way the community communicate my imply that it is a close community in which every resident may know the […]

William Hendrys’ English Coursework   Analytical Response to “Our plea to pubs, shops and fans: Don’t give Gazza drink   Dear Editor,  I am writing on the subject of one of your journalists, Tom Wells, and how he portrays the issue of alcoholism through the article ‘Don’t give Gazza drink’. I believe Wells is being […]

English Coursework January 2015   Are we being kicked out of London? My point is how can the ordinary people who get the average income of £26,500 yearly be able to afford one of the new “modernist” style apartments which range from around £200,000 for A two bedroom apartment to around £1,000,000!   This is […]

 In my essay I will be exploring the devices and language used by Shakespeare to present flaws of characters in the play ‘Othello’; I will also be doing this for two of Robert Browning’s poems I have analysed which are ‘the Laboratory-Ancien Regime’ and ‘Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came’. Flaws are used to […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway